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Project Lists

We have compiled lists of our recent projects in pdf format. They covers the last six years and gives you a good overview of skills-set available and product experience. Spoiler: The focus is on Linux/BSD and open-source environments. While once Microsoft certified MSCE+I and cisco certified CCDP and with extensive experience in those areas, especially Microsoft Server, AD and Exchange, I have worked almost exclusively with open-source in the last 15 years and only marginally have contact with Microsoft products. I'll hone my C# programming skills every now and then.

Once a framework for the previous step has been defined an implemented the analysis of the data can begin. This can be simple adding of numbers, or depicting points on a map, or can be complex statistical algorithms that result in an (real-time) response of a system, or (and) in a graphical depiction of the data in a chart or on a map. This is usually the preferred way for humans to consume data, computers don't need that.

Extensive knowledge in Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS environments) and FreeBSD/OpenBSD is available, I most often program in Python 3, Erlang, Elixir and sometimes Scala and C++. I've made the first steps in ML/AI programming with Tensorflow and scikit-learn on NVIDIA GPUs a while ago, also first programs written for IBMQ and D-Wave some time back. Also, I've performed substantial work with GIS, mostly using QGIS, OpenStreetMaps, Mapbox and Google Maps.

Why only the last six years? The list is already quite substantial and it is my experience and believe that in IT technical skills get outdated quickly, especially those that are not maintained regularly. So it might not be of great help to you to know I've worked in banks, large IT and food & beverage companies, mostly in Microsoft Windows environments. Instead, you'll be better served with a list of the most recent activities.

You'll find the pdfs at https://ofehr.media/data/

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