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Ever more data is being made available in digital format. The sources are in different formats and different platforms, from opendata initiatives, to media and social media platforms. The formats can be audio, video, images and text, but often, it is a combination of formats and the provenance and veracity of the data is often unclear or outright dubious, often, they are in languages other than English. This means that, unless you are sure you can trust that your data source is managing (verifying) its data properly, you have to do the verification yourself and perform digital investigations. This can be a tedious and often needs to be automated, i.e. you need to write code which does that for you.

Being multilingual is a big advantage, as much of the information is not, or not fully, available in other than the local language(s). It also gives you an advantage in terms of knowing the cultural and country context of data, which can sometimes help you identify bogus data.

This is one of our core competencies. We've been verifying data and separating noise from signal to extract the information since 2008 in different contexts such as news, economy, finance, science and politics. We are most familiar with regions North America, South America, Oceania, former Soviet Union, Turkey, Iran and the Indian subcontinent.

Of course, you can just task us with translating texts - if you need something more accurate and reliable than the online translation services provide. We do translations to and from English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and some (still limited) Turkish and Persian.

Pricing is available on-demand. It depends on the nature and complexity of the work.

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