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SDO Current Images
AIA 094 ÅAIA 171 ÅAIA 193 ÅAIA 211 ÅAIA 304 Å
AIA 335 ÅAIA 1600 ÅAIA 1700 ÅHMI MagnetogramHMI Intensigram
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In this section terms that are frequently used on this site are explained. It will be expanded over time.

Terms and their Meaning
TermsExplanationFurther Information
AIA (Atmospheric Imaging Assembly)An SDO Instrument that is taking images of the Sun on various wavelengths.AIA Home (English)
Å (Angström)An non-SI unit corresponding to 10-10 meter, or 0.1nm.Angstrom - Brittanica (English)
CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) The Sun ejects matter (plasma) into space.Coronal Mass Ejection - Brittanica (English)
Enlil (WSA-Enlil)SWPC prediction model Vorhersagemodel for space weather, CMEs and geomagnetic storms.Enlil Home (English)
SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory)NASA satellite that monitors the Sun.NASA SDO Home (English)
SWPC (Space Weather Prediction Center)A unit that is part of US NOAA agency and monitors spaceweather and makes spaceweather forecasts.SWPC Home (English)

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